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  • Advanced Paddlers

William O’Brien Express Bus

Park at The End and Shuttle Up to the Beginning

Quick Details

Park at William O’Brien (at the boat landing) and shuttle up to Taylors Falls, and Paddle Back Down to Your Vehicle.

Reservations Required. Shuttle included in rental pricing. (Shuttle Only Ticket available for people only, no equipement)

Single Kayak Rental 1 Paddle & 1 Life Jacket
Double Kayak Rental 2 Paddles & 2 Life Jackets
Canoe Rental 2 Paddles & 2 Life Jackets
Shuttle Only No Equipment-people only

William O’Brien Express Bus

**Due to construction at WOB State Park, we will be unable to offer this trip in 2024.

How It Works: Park your vehicle at your destination, William O’Brien State Park, and ride one of our scheduled express buses to Minnesota Interstate Park, where you will get in your canoe/kayak and paddle back down to your vehicle: Saturdays, Sundays & holidays ONLY. Reservations REQUIRED. 

Please Note: This trip is 17 miles, is recommended for advanced paddlers, and takes 5-7 hours to complete in average wind and water conditions. Your rental equipment must be back no later than the last equipment pick-up time. Please inquire at the base before departing for your trip.