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  • Advanced Paddlers

William O’Brien Express Bus

Quick Details

Enjoy a River Trip on the William O’Brien Express Bus

How It Works: Park your vehicle at your destination, William O’Brien State Park, and ride one of our scheduled express buses to Minnesota Interstate Park, where you will get in your canoe/kayak and paddle back down to your vehicle: Saturdays, Sundays & holidays ONLY. Reservations REQUIRED.

Please Note: This trip is 17 miles and is recommended for advanced paddlers and takes 5-7 hours to complete in the normal wind and water conditions. Your rental equipment must be back no later than the last equipment pick-up time. Please inquire at the base before departing for your trip.


$49.99 Single Kayak 1 Paddle & 1 Life Jacket*

$59.99  Double Kayak 2 Paddles & 2 Life Jackets*

$59.99  Canoe 2 Paddles & 2 Life Jackets*

plus tax

$20 Shuttle Only-NO equipment – people only