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One-Way Trip to Osceola

Taylors Falls to Osceola with Return Shuttle

Quick Details

Taylors Falls Interstate State Park to Osceola Landing with Return Shuttle

Single Kayak Rental 7 days a week
Double Kayak Rental 7 days a week
Canoe Rental 7 days a week

Canoe & Kayak down the St. Croix River to Osceola Landing

The St. Croix River is one of the cleanest and healthiest river systems in the United States. One-way trips begin in Taylors Falls, inside the Minnesota Interstate State Park (MN State Park sticker required).

From Taylors Falls, you canoe or kayak down the St. Croix River to the Osceola Landing (about 7 miles & approximately 2-3 hours of paddling time). When you arrive in Osceola, we will shuttle you back to your vehicle in Taylors Falls. Click here to see when you can start your paddle and our return shuttle pick up times. 

You can spend all day on the river and arrive at the landing before the last scheduled shuttle pick-up time. To give yourself plenty of time, please check in at least 3 hours before the final pick-up time.

When you arrive at your final destination, please pull your canoe/kayak up on the beach. Please ensure your canoe/kayak is far enough up on the beach so it doesn’t float away.


Select the date and arrive anytime between the rental pickup hours on that specific day!

*Walk-in Price:

7 days a week    $41.99 Single Kayak | $56.99 Canoe/Double Kayak

*plus tax

If you are using your own equipment and need a Shuttle Only ticket, CLICK HERE.