Taylors Falls Canoe & Kayak Rental on COVID-19

Updated: November 2021

 COVID-19  Guidelines while canoeing/kayaking the St Croix River

We will continue to review these guidelines and make any updates that the CDC, the state, or the federal government has mandated.

You can make reservations online for minimal contact upon check-in

 Please make sure to maintain a 6’ social distance between yourself, our team members, and any other people you may encounter while on the river.

In accordance with the Federal Government on our transportation (shuttles) masks will be required on our shuttles while in Osceola, a National Park.
In accordance with Governor Walz executive order 21-21, if you have been vaccinated a mask is not required while indoors or on shuttles, but it is recommended.  For those not vaccinated a mask is recommended while on shuttles.    

Here are your options:

1..  PADDLE LOCALLY Leave from the MN Interstate Park in Taylors Falls, paddle around locally, and return your canoe/kayak back to where you started. 

2. ONE WAY TRIP TO OSCEOLA LANDING   We will continuously run shuttles throughout the day from Osceola back to Taylors Falls. We are promoting social distance on the shuttle and ask that you share a seat with your party on the shuttle. The federal government does require masks while on our shuttle in Osceola, a National Park.  Outside of Osceola the state (Governor Walz, executive order 21-21) does not require masks for those vaccinated and recommends masks for those who are not vaccinated. 
Please be patient while loading/unloading. We ask that you load the bus/shuttle and go to the back of the bus first and keep with the group you arrived with and allow for social distancing from other groups.
We do not have specific pick-up times as the shuttle will run continuously in order to allow for social distancing on the shuttle.
We ask that you keep windows open to help with ventilation.

 3.EXPRESS SHUTTLES SHUTTLES-Weekends and holidays only. We will pick you up at the William O'Brian State Park at 9:30 am and shuttle you and your party up to the starting point at the Minnesota Interstate Park. Masks are recommended, but not required on the shuttles. 

 Always cover a cough or sneeze with the inside of your elbow.

We ask that if you are ill, please stay at home. If you are considered high risk, this is not a recommended activity.

The principal symptoms of COVID 19 are fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

If you see something that you feel is unsanitary, please notify an employee and we will take care of the problem as soon as possible.

Please follow the latest guidance from the CDC and the MN Department of Public Health for Covid-19 precautions.


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