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Aqua Case or Small Cooler

Quick Details

Aqua Case
Small Soft-Sided Cooler

Aqua Case & Soft-Sided Cooler 

Aqua Case: Grab one of these floating 100% waterproof cell phone cases and have a worry-free trip with your cell phone while paddling down the river. The Aqua Case fits smartphones up to 7 inches and is fully submersible! You can even take photos and videos underwater. The Aqua Case includes a detachable lanyard neck strap.

Small Cooler: This small, soft-sided cooler fits nicely in our canoes and single or double kayaks. The soft cooler is 12″ in height by 8″ wide. It can comfortably hold a six-pack of 12 oz beverages with a little room to spare for snacks and ice. Please remember, no glass on the river. Note: The cooler does not float.

Pick up your purchased Aqua Case or Soft-Sided Cooler when you check in for your trip.